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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  March 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the ininvestment is something that i think could speak volumes for the franchise in the future. >> i think this is something that could bring back redskin football like the days of joe gibbs. >> not all fans are happy with the big news. >> i think it is the common thread with the redskins. they tend to overpay for talent that hasn't been proven. in this case, i think mike shanahan is saving his own job. not too happy with rg iii. >> reporter: the trade will become official come tuesday which is the start of the nfl's 2012 calendar. 12 calendar. good morning. it is 5:00 on this monday. we are taking "look at the washington monument right now. temperatures feel pretty nice out there. hope they'll feel even nice are
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later on today. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. i guess rg iii is one talk of the town. the other has got to be weather. as we get later into the day, i think you'll really like it. >> yesterday, i was saying rmplet g probably stands for real good and i'm going to the rg weather person. >> let's continue this through wednesday. >> it will be pretty good to that point, will. today, we have clouds that will be on the increase. we are starting out fairly nice with some partly sunny skies but by the afternoon hours, the clouds will increase but the temperatures are definitely on the rise. take a look at yesterday's highs. 63 at reagan national airport. we had 65 degrees at dulles and 63 at bwi thurgood marshall. we have a few clouds that will gradually wool into the rest of the day. it is 4 degrees right now at
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national. 47 at dulles. 37 at baltimore and it will get better this afternoon. it will be a mild day. showers are not expected until we get into the evening hours but they will last overnight into tuesday. our high today will be 67. by midday, it will already be 626789 we won't see much cloud coverage until we hit about the 4:00 or 5:00 hour. just enjoy it while we can. and we are on a definite roll when you see the five-day forecast. >> this is up side to working the morning shift. you don't have to play hookey because you are off in time to enjoy it. >> julie wright, we expect to see you here tomorrow. >> he is calling you out now. >> he is a rookie to the morning show. he doesn't know how this game is played. he hasn't earned his rg iii stripes just yet. >> i'm working on it. >> we know how it is. lunch is on me tomorrow and the income day for you. if you are traveling around town, you will find lanes are
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open on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and 270. no problems to report as you continue around towards bethesda leaving college park. that is an easy ride for you so far early this morning. we do have problems to report westbound along woodyard road as you work over towards route 5. follow police direction in order to get by. that is inbound on woodyard road before you reach route 5. overnight cop struck was on the outer loop of the beltway tying up at least three lanes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. a 19-year-old university ever maryland student is under arrest. >> police say he posted threats of a campus shooting rampage on two web sites. lauren demarco is live in college park with the new details this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. these postings were put online saturday night. the arrest made early sunday morning and we do know that
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they possibly referenced a mall. now, here on campus, there is this area and probably referencing this. i do want to talk about the suspect. police were able to trace the comment to a 19-year-old student, alexander song, of fulton, maryland. he was unarmed when arrested and immediately taken for an immediate psychiatric evaluation. song has been banned from campus. he is currently facing a misdemeanor charge that. could mean a fine up to $2500 and/or up to six months in jail. police say song's postings read in part, i will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus. hopefully, kill enough people to make it to national news. and stay away from the mall tomorrow at 1:30. again, the mall a possible reference to mceldon mall but police have not elaborated on that. the comment reportedly on two web sites. the original comment that song allegedly posted has been sort
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of locked down. you can't read that entire thing but you can read the responses to it. some of the fellow bloggers trying to convince him not to take any accounts of violence and wondering whether they should report the acts to police. some quick action by university of maryland campus police. they learned about this sunday and made the arrest before anything happened. again, that posting referencing 1:30 p.m. so quick action there. back to you. >> certainly frightening. lauren demarco in college park with our update. the state will begin to present its case today in the wrongful death lawsuit surrounding the virginia tech shootings. two families are seeking $100,000 each claiming the school didn't do enough to keep students safe. virginia tech parents are still hoping for an apology from school officials near hi five years after the campus massacre. virginia tech's president testified friday saying officials did the best they could with the information they had that day. had that day. our big story, the taliban has vowed revenge against the
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u.s. in a statement posted on their web site today, this after an american soldier goes on a shooting spree in southern afghanistan. soldier opened fire in homes early yesterday morning killing mostly women and children as they slept. the gunman turned himself in after the attack and is now in custody and being questioned. officials believe the suspect acted alone. fellow soldiers are shocked by the event that took place. >> i can't think of anybody in the world who would say that going and killing 16, 18 civilians and children is okay much less when you are wearing that american flag in the u.s. army. completely up acceptable. >> the killing spree poses a serious threat to u.s. afghan relations. the move could delay signing of a u.s.-afghan strategic partnership deal. >> the killings raise questions
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about president obama's plan for a troop withdrawal from afghanistan. an expert in counterterrorism and risk management told fox 5 the mission there may be failing. >> i think we have overextended ourselves in afghanistan and i do believe that the strategy quite frankly is not working and i say that very, very reluctantly. the problem with the strategye culture and a system that is not ready to receive our aid. we are working in a way where the cultures are really at cross purposes and i don't think that in this particular case our strategy can work unless we change it drastically. new this morning, another avalanche. dozens feared trapped. detail of what is unfolding right now. plus effort to steal clothes from a drop box turns tragic. details of what happened to one person. we are checking headlines as we continue on this monday morning. lysol invites you to take the dual action wipes challenge.
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new this morning, an avalanche has struck two villages in the remote area of a district in northeastern afghanistan. fear is that at least 45 people could be trapped. at this point, no rescue teams have been able to get to that
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area but nearby villagers are working to help save any survivors. the rain is being blamed on a series of accidents in florida. the latest it would yea has 27 cars involved in 11 accidents along interstate 25 west of orlando. police had to shut down a 10- mile stretch of the road for about three hours yesterday afternoon. no one was seriously hurt. it appears a woman died while trying to steal some clothes from a drop box. police say she climbed inside one of these big metal bins in staten island, new york butt door closed on her body and suffocated her. officers found the 51-year-old with her headout side the box but her body still inside. alabama and mississippi hold their contests tomorrow. newt gingrich skipped this weekend's contest in kansas to
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concentrate on his run in the south. rick santorum claimed a dominating win in kansas but lost wyoming to romney. santorum says if romney gets the nomination, it will not truly be what republicans want. three people walking to d.c. all the way from the west coast. hopefully, they had comfortable shoes, right? but they're doing it to make a point to congress. we will explain as we continue here on fox 5 morning news. good morning again, gwen. >> today is a great day to get out and taken a walk. we have weather that i think will cooperate with any of your outdoor plans actually little bit of wet weather by the evening hoursfuls temperatures are on the rise. we'll have the details. fox 5 morning news will be back after the break. -- a little bit of wet weather by the evening hours. temperature are on the rise. i can walk 60 miles.
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we take a look over washington, d.c. temperature in the 40s around here in the immediate area and we'll just keep going up from there. but despite the spring-like weather we've been seeing, the rockville town square has decided to push back the close date of the ice skating rink. it was supposed to shut down for the own jed. instead, they are inviting the community to come out and enjoy the rink for one last week. so the riven now closes this coming sunday. -- so the rink now close this is coming sunday. >> they must be turning the blaster fans up on cold. with that this kind of weather, i'm imagining it is tougher to make that ice stick around. >> you could ice skate in shorts right now out there. >> till within nice for the
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little ones to get out there and enjoy it and not feel like they are freezing to death. >> a nice juxtaposition to be out on the ice in the warm are weather. >> let's tech a look at our current temperatures. it is not quite the brrr chilly morning that we have been dealing with lately. temperatures report bad, mainly into the 40s. before a few 30s here and there. it is doing fairly well. 45degrees this hour at dulles airport. 36 at frederick. 39 at fredericksburg. reagan national airport at 46. 46 also at annapolis and at baltimore, 36 degrees. let's take a trip up the mid- atlantic. boston is at 43. new york is at 48. thins aren't too bad at all. we'll see an influx of warmer air moving in however. nice southerly wind flow sticking around. ridge of high pressure off the
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coast. we'll see a few increasing clouds ahead of a system that will bring some wet weather later on today. we have a frontal system to deal with. that cold front will move its way across and with it, as we move through into the evening hours, we'll see some showers. they will licker through the overnight hours and then tuesday afternoon, as we start to get even warmer and get more sunshine, we'll be set up for a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. -- they will linger through the overnight hours. you will see the showers move in maybe around the 6:00 or 7:00 hour or so. we are talking a high of 67 degrees today, mostly sunny. for tonight, 53 degrees, showers will be sticking around. wind pick up a little bit from the south, 10 to 15 miles per hour. take a look at the temperatures on this five-day forecast. look at this. we are headed to the mid- to upper 70s into the course of the week. we clear out from the storms on tuesday leaving us with sunshine on wednesday. a few clouds on thursday. chance of a few showers on friday but overall, i think
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we're doing very well in the temperature department. let's check in with julie wright and see how she is doing with those roads. >> i would have to agree with you, gwen. it is looking good out there. on the roads right now, you will find that your lands are open if you are continuing your trip to and from the will son bridge notch trouble spots to report there. westbound along woodyard road before you reach route 5, accident activity here on the scene. accident activity here blocking the left lane on the northbound side of 450 headed up to the capital. down near 236, average speed up to to 30 miles per hour as you work through the work zone which is in the process of being cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the bethesda community marked a sad anniversary sunday. hard to believe but one year ago, jayna murray was murdered
5:19 am
inside an athletic store there. some people left flowers and lululemon where murray was murdered. jayna's family says the community has been kind and supportive since her murder. >> a lot of the community members have come by the store and asked what kind of memorial, remembrance are we going to have. and everybody felt like this was perfect. just a little gathering, allowing the community to come in and visit and tell stories, remember jayna. >> jayna's brother hugh, who we just heard from and his wife rap the st. patrick's day 8k here in d.c. to commemorate one of jayna's favorite activities. she loved running. jayna's parents stayed home in houston to rob her with friends. three people are bringing awareness to the dream act by walking from san francisco to
5:20 am
washington, d.c. the mirkers are committed to making the full trip. alex savage has more. >> reporter: these dreamers gathered on the north end of the golden gate bridge to begin a 3,000 mile walk to the nation's capital. one of them is 23-year-old lucas desilva, born in brazil but brought to the u.s. >> brazil is come metally foreign to me. i don't know the culture and customs. i want an opportunity to be able to work here and be able to contribute. >> reporter: marchers want passage of the agreement act so young illegal immigrants who go to college or join the military have a chaps of gaining legal status. >> we want to invite them to come in and approximate discuss these issues out in the open and we can turn their support
5:21 am
in favor of us. >> reporter: one of the people making this cross-country trek is actually a legal citizen. her motivation to march, family. remy is walking for her brother. >> i believe they deserve a future. >> i don't know about you, but i used spell check for pretty much everything so when i hear about this next story. coming you be, it kind of make me cringe. she is the queen of the spelling bee and she is just six years old. s-p-r-a-c-h- >> i can't even say it. >> we'll put one local girl to the test. although i think she is putting our reporter to the test.
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a live look outside on this beautiful monday morning. looking at reagan national airport and clear skies and if you like it warm, get ready for today. >> you know most six-year-olds can spell a few words and maybe read pretty well. on friday, six-year-old lori anne madison won her way into the scripps national spelling bee. >> that's right. she is six. and over the weekend, fox 5's paul raphel wend let to head with the tiny champ. >> v-a-q-u-e-r-o -a-q-u-e-r-o >> correct. >> reporter: applause and cheers filled the auditorium when six-year-old lori anne madison won the 34th annual prince william spelling bee. >> it is hard to put it into words really. but at the least, i felt great. >> reporter: she beat out 21 of
5:26 am
the best spellers from elementary and middle schools from prince william county, virginia. >> i was confident because i've been in spelling bees with older kids before and i judge them by who they are and not about age. >> she thinks the reason she is such a good speller is her hard work. >> my parents quiz me. i read lists and i have a really good memory. >> reporter: her parents seemed to be more nervous than she was. >> i think it was harder for us than it was for her. she was spelling word after word and we were all almost having a heart attack. it is hard to see your child up there. >> reporter: since older competitors did not intimidate her, we thought we would test her spelling skills in our studio. >> the first word is okapi.
5:27 am
>> o-k-a-p-i. >> your first word is tourniquet. >> tourniquet. t-e-r-n-i. c-a-t. >> not even close. >> metacarpal. m m >> that is correct. >> lozenge. l-a-u-s-o-n-e. >> i don't know. >> embarrassing. e-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-s-i-n-g. >> i'm surprised he didn't spell ricola. >> she is doing just fine.
5:28 am
>> lozenge, come on, paul, you we need to talk. >> can you imagine how proud her parents must be. >> we wish her luck at the scripps howard national spelling bee. >> if you are just getting up to face a new workweek, there is food news when it comes to the weather. the forecast is coming up next. >> some big news from the university of maryland. lauren demarco is on our top story. good morning. ♪ pierre! your fashion is so "right now," but your banking is so last season!
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we are taking a broad look over washington, d.c. on this monday. temperatures not too bad as we start our day and they are going to get even better today and the day after and the day after. this is pretty nice. i can't wait for this. >> i think everybody has given up on the fact that we are not getting our winter snowfall. >> i think winter never even arrived. >> exactly. >> now, it is like the sun going to be coming out and we're getting a rise in temperatures. today won't be too bad. let's take a look and put everything in perspective for you. we'll begin with a look at where we stand right now at reagan national airport. southerly wind at eight miles per hour. that will be our key component into the course of the week. the southerly wind flow will help boost our temperatures and they will pick up just a little bit later on. we've got just a few clouds but it will be manly sun and clouds
5:32 am
into the course of the day. the clouds will increase as the day wears o we are expected to see some showers. we've got a system moving in from the west. in the meantime today, enjoy it. it will be mild outside with temperatures into the upper 60s. up believable. we are heading for a high of about 67 degrees in d.c. areas to the south of us such as culpeper could get up to 69 degrees. so for today then, we've got plenty of sun and clouds but a nice day and workweek is warming up. >> i will say this made it easier to spring forward too. you have a little more delight at least it is nice and warm out. >> regardless of the hour. >> tonight was one of the first nights i turned off the heater. dint even use it last night. >> julie wright was mentioning lunch bay half hour ago. i would say we go to culpeper, follow the sun, it will be 69 and let's have lunch. >> i think you are right. that is the perfect thing to do on a day like today. we turned off the heat tonight.
5:33 am
actually had the window open. it was a bathroom window but i did. an it was nice and refreshing. this is just my kind of weather. so we sprung forward and landed smack dab in the middle of spring fever and i'm not complaining. no problems reported leaving 270 and continuing around. we do have dent activity if you are traveling along westbound woodyard road. accident activity cleared over to the shoulder according to police. northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway, accident activity there blocking the left lane of two. coming southbound, all of your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. our big story this morning, the taliban has vowed revenge against the u.s. in a statement posted on their web site today. this after an american soldier
5:34 am
goes on a shooting spree in afghanistan. the soldier opened fire in homes killing mostly women and children as they slept. the gunman turned himself in after the attack. he is in custody and being questioned. incident now has some big names on oth sides of the political aisle saying it might be time to get out of afghanistan. >> time for us to leave afghanistan, mr. speaker. >> we have to reassess the entire region. idea of turning it over to the afghan forces is the right way to go. >> the silling spree poses a serious threat to u.s.-afghan relations. the the in afghanistan was among the topics local governors weighed in on sunday morning. the other was the economy. maryland governor mart up o'malley and virginia governor bob mcdonnell and on meet the press. governor o'malley says the gop candidates have been pandering to the extreme right wing of the party instead of focusing on jobs. governor mcdonnell on the other hand says the democrats are
5:35 am
pushing social issues in an effort to distract the country. >> what we all look for in the president of the united states is someone with steady, capable leadership, a calm hand at the helm and president obama has provided that leadership. >> we've lost 846,000 jobs since the beginning of this administration. 8% to 9%, 10%, that may be the best that barack obama can do but that is not as good as americans really need. >> the governors each chair their respective governor's associations. some fast action by police may have thwarted another school shooting. a university of maryland college student is under arrest for threatening to go on a shooting rampage on campus. lauren demarco live in college park with the story. >> reporter: good morning. at alarming postings and online saturday night. campus police received tips
5:36 am
quickly working with the it department here at the university of maryland. they were able to apprehend a student sunday morning. he is 19 years old. he is a student here. his name is alexander song of fulton, maryland. he was unarmed when arrested and immediately taken for an emergency psychiatric evaluation. a search of song's room in oakland hall did not turn up any weapons. he is currently facing a misdemeanor charge. he has been banned from campus. that misdemeanor charge could mean a fine up to $2500 and/or up to six months in jail. according to the university news paper, song's roommate said he seemed stressed lately but that room nate just assumed it was over class work, never expecting this. police say song's postings read in part, i will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus hopefully i kill enough people to make it to national news. and stay way from the mall
5:37 am
tomorrow at 1:30. now, the mall a possible reference to mceldon mall here at the university of maryland in college park. police have not elaborate on that. the comment were posted on two web sites. you can rode on reddit and omegle. people wondering whether to report it to police. some folks did report these comments to police. that quick action means he is now under psychiatric care. >> the police were on top of that. thank you. we are checking your national headlines coming up here in a bit including a small plane crash. pilots walked away okay. but the accident has left behind a big problem for firefighters. also ahead, for the first time since her mother's shocking death, we hear from whitney houston's daughter, bobbi kristina. we'll be right back. 
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5:39 am
5:40 am
this brushfire in california was parked by something unusual. a plane crash. the two men on a little plane were okay. they actually walked way from the crash but the fire has now burned down at least 12 acres of land. firefighters are trying to put out the blaze by dropping water
5:41 am
via helicopter. no word on what caused the plane to crash. bobbi kristina breaks her silence for the first time since her mother's death. it was an exclusive interview with oprah winfrey. >> she shared her favorite memories of being on tour with her mother sand his they were best friends. she realized at the funeral how much of an impact whitney had on the world and talked about life after her mother's passing. >> does it seem real yet to you that she is actually gone? >> sometimes, no. sometimes it is so surreal that i still walk in the house like mom! i still call her name. but i've accepted it. >> you have accepted it. >> i've accepted it. >> did you ever fear that she would be gone too soon from you? >> no, no, never. >> tmz reports bobbi kristina
5:42 am
wants to change her name to just kristina to put some distance through her and her father. >> i guess some some way it feels good that bobbi kristina feels like her mother is around her, her spirit is around her protecting her. >> sure. up next, another increase in gas price that some people are blaming president obama for. others say it is just not that simple. we are checking your monday morning commute and your weather. not looking too bad out there. it is looking pretty good. we'll check in with gwen coming up in just a bit.
5:43 am
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welcome back. let's check in with tba went for our forecast. don't you like the fact that tucker barnes is off and you get to take the credit for this nice weather. >> i'm take the cree its for as much as i possibly can. when the weather goes bad, we have to be behind barricades to protect ourselves from the blame. >> this is the days. >> i wasn't happy with tucker heaving and having to get up so early in the morning but i think i've changed my mind now. let's begin with a look at where things are in terms of our morning temperatures. the other good news is it is not quite as chilly as it has
5:46 am
been in the early mornings. it is now 46 degrees at reagan national airport. we've got 36 at sure good marshall, baltimore and 39 to the south at fredericksburg. temperature-wise, we are not doing too badly as we start out this morning. so, i think the rest of the day will be much to your delight. let's take a look at satellite- radar composite. ridge of high pressure moving its way off across the atlantic has left us with fairly clear skies last night. a little bit of a start with that this morning. increasing clouds ahead of this frontal system and that is going to set us up for some showers a little bit later on. the majority of the day will be nice. jet stream well to the north setting us up as well for a nice southerly wind flow. really, we are in for a very, very impressive day in terms of those temperatures. mild as we move through. increasing clouds today. this system will push its way across into the course of today and tonight. by the afternoon tuesday, we'll be set up also for a chance of
5:47 am
some thunderstorms and then behind that, another ridge of high pressure builds in. back to sunny skies again. today, majority of it is going to be dry. just the clouds will start rolling in as you will notice. 62 by about midday. the 5:00 hour will be 66 degrees. thunderstorms expected on tuesday. sunshine on wednesday. i love showing you these 70s. tucker, you will be so jealous about all of this as we head into the mid- to upper 70s by the end of the week, not doing badly at all. it will be fairly mild. you just have to keep the umbrella handy into the course of tonight and tuesday afternoon. julie wright, what about you and these 70s. >> i'm loving t just goes to prove, if you want something done right like the forecast, sunshine and 70s, you just bring a woman in to do it. on the roads, we've got major tie-ups right now. we've got the accident activity northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway as you approach 450.
5:48 am
if we can zoom in just a bit, we were told that four vehicles were involved in this crash. there was also reported to be a hit and run accident. northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway as you approach the scene. brad, if we can get you to hold that shot, that would be great. northbound, only one right leap is able to get by as you guys work your way northbound trying to leave prince george's hospital headed up to the beltway. the outer loop of the beltway starting so slow just a bit approachth the university boulevard. you are going to find the accident activity we had westbound along woodyard road has been cleared so our lanes there are open. problems now along the marlboro pike just west of walk are mill road. that is where we had reports of a car fire. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. it is the dreaded number when it comes to gas. the price of a gallon of regular has now surpassed $4 in some areas. some are blaming president obama while others suggest it is just supply and demand.
5:49 am
>> the price of gasoline is on the rise once again, up 12 cents over the past two weeks. some suggest president obama might be responsible for the high fuel costs. >> look, since this president has been president, the cost of gasoline has doubled. not exactly what he might have hoped for and he says well, it is not my fault. >> this is a no energy policy on this president. we are looking at $4 a gallon gasoline a lot of places and that has without question an impact on this economy. >> reporter: according to the latest lundberg survey of fuel prices, the national average price per gallon of regular has reached $3.81. while some blame the president, others say that is not the case. >> gas prices fluctuate under every president and they were over $4 a gallon under president bush not too far before he left office. these things do go up and down regardless of party regardless of president. >> we've had so much volatility over the last several years that i feel like consumers to some extent feel like they've
5:50 am
seen this movie before. >> reporter: with this being the election year, the issue could play out in the polls. >> gas prices air dailiery reminder for people that they are having problems in the economy when they have to spend up to $100 to fill i'm truck when they are going to work. if he doesn't get the energy price under control, it can damage the economy recovery. >> reporter: some experts say there is a chaps prices could fall due in part to relatively soft consumer demand and an increase in supply. patty ann brown, fox news. >> let's hope that happens. falling gas prices would be nice. break out the brackets, everyone. up next, dave ross is here to get us ready for the ncaa tournament. plus, it looks like rg iii is coming to d.c. but did the redskins give up too much to trade up. we'll hear what dr thinks as he joins us. fox 5 morning news continues right after this. now on verizon's 4g lte network.
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dave ross joins us now to talk about sports and rg iii i think i read in "usa today" the redskin have needed a quarterback since maybe the clinton administration. >> it has been a long time. it look like this is a move to get rg iii out of baylor, giving up essentially three number one draft picks to move up to the number two spot in the draft. now, people are saying today, is that too much? it is a lot. you better be right. if you go get this kid, because fess not the right guy, it
5:54 am
could set back your organization a good three years. >> this is kind of typical of the redskins, they sign the big checks. >> they do it in free agency. they norm ally don't move up this high in the draft to get a rookie. they get a guy like albert haynesworth and give him money. this kid has never played day one in the nfl. we'll find out. andrew luck will probably be the number one pick taken by the indianapolis colts. he is another franchise quarterback in this draft. the question about him had been his height. he told me, hey, i'm almost 6' 3". he said drew brees is six feet tall and he gets it done. is a big kid. a lot of people say can he take the pounding for a running quarterback in the nfl. he can also slow it. he is still a rookie so it is a
5:55 am
50-50 proposition with these guys t looks like he has star quality written all over him. >> do they have to do that after they had donovan mcnabb. >> people didn't want a retread. they want to get a rookie. they want a guy they think can be a franchise quarterback for the next decade here so we don't have to go back to the clinton administering to find another quarterback. that is the whole idea here that hopefully this is future quarterback for many years to come. i got to switch subjected real quick. your washington capitals had a huge game yesterday as they tried to in. their way back into the playoff picture. dale hunter and the boys had won the day before at boston, had toronto in town yesterday for a little matinee. the reverse skate. he is coming in. this is a shorty, a shorthanded goal right there. that is all they needed. they got good goal tending. got another goal here and the caps right now are in eighth
5:56 am
place if the season ended today, which it doesn't, they would be in the playoffs. they have inched their way back. with this team, the talent they have, you have just hope they make it because if they get in, they could be very dangerous. will, care a have you made your brackets? have you filled them out? georgetown was waiting to see where they would go yesterday when they were selected. here was their reaction. take a listen. yeah, the hoyas are dancing there. the three seed in the midwest region. they will take on belmont. and before you go, this is a lay-up, georgetown has been a three before and had trouble with ohio university. in the ncaa tournament, it is never a given. this is the midwest bracket they are in. the winner take on san diego state or north carolina state is 6-11 match-up. just because you get in the big
5:57 am
dance, there is never an easy out. you like to think you're going to waltz over belmont but you got nc state or san diego state waiting in the reins just to get to round of 32. it is a hard sled to kind of trudge through that snow to get to the final four but georgetown has done it before. they have a very good team. they've got some senior leadership. they've got a chaps. as a three seed, it means the committee thought very highly of georgetown. >> they looked happy. >> very excited. it is march madness. you can go ahead and break out out brackets. they'll be tried by thursday. >> thank you. one age groups that seen a much-needed employment boost. that is ahead at 6:00 in our business beat. stay with us. we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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